While we look forward to your visits, we do require that you make an appointment beforehand. We try to see all patients on an appointment basis. Therefore, we request that you call in advance so we can reserve time for you. The schedule is such that we make every effort to honor all time commitments as we feel that your time is as important as ours is. On occasion, emergencies can cause problems, and we will make every effort to inform you if there will be any delays. Missed appointments (or not arriving on time) steal opportunities for other patients to see the doctors. If you cannot make an appointment, please let us know. We will not be able to schedule times for you if you chronically miss appointments. Please click here for our late arrival policy.

If you want to make an appointment, please call during regular office hours. You can call before or after hours and leave a message on our machine; but this will only cause a delay as we then have to call you back. Please make sure you unblock your number if that is your preference. See Telephone policies.

You can schedule appointments over the web (see link below) or via the patient Portal.  You can request an appointment at the Elmont Office only on ZocDocs! Stay tuned though, for we will be expanding these features in the near future.

We do not make appointments on Saturdays after 12:00 PM or on Sundays.

Please use this link below to make Well Care Physical Appointments only!   Call the office if you need to make a same day sick appointment, or if you do not see any open slots for Well Care/Physicals.

1st Visit

We welcome you and hope that your first experience in our office is a pleasant and rewarding one for you, and your children. To make the visit go more smoothly, we will need the following:

  1. Insurance Cards
  2. Photo ID of the Parents
  3. Past Medical History
  4. Immunization records
  5. Lists of current medications

Please come to the office a little ahead of time to that we may get you registered. While we are doing that, we will ask you to fill out a Computer Questionnaire (Phreesia). This questionnaire will include the following:

  • Children’s names and dates of births
  • Parents names; dates of births
  • social security #’s (required)
  • addresses and multiple phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • employer and insurance information
  • emergency contacts

You can save some time if you go to the Policies page and print and fill out all of the forms ahead of time.

Because this registration does take some time, your first visit will take much longer than any subsequent visit. We ask for your patience, as this process is important and vital to our systems. When you do get into the exam rooms, you will notice that there are no paper charts. We are completely computerized, utilizing a comprehensive secure medical record system (eClinicalWorks). Your information is safe, and private. This system enables us to have all of your medical information at the touch of screen. In the near future, you too will have access to some of your files over the internet, to use and look at when it is convenient for you. Stay tuned. (Fan us on Facebook for future developments)

Caller ID

We have recently noticed a large number of families with “Anonymous Call Rejection” on their telephones. Many families with Caller ID have Anonymous Call Rejection without even knowing it. This feature prevents a caller to your home from getting through to your line if the caller’s phone blocks a Caller ID signal from appearing on your phone.

Our doctors’ home and cell phones do block this Caller ID signal, and therefore we cannot call your home unless you temporarily or permanently disable the Anonymous Call Rejection feature. Therefore, if you are expecting a call from the on-call doctor, you must disable the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on your telephone. This can be done by dialing *87 on your phone at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Nighttime (after hours) Calls

After office hours, calls should be made only for emergencies or urgent problems that can’t wait until morning. Calls about mild illnesses can usually wait until the next morning. After office hours, your calls will be received by an answering service and a message will be transferred to the physician on call. The physician will usually return your call within 20 minutes. If you do not receive a call back within 1 hour, in a non-emergency situation, please call back again. IF YOU HAVE CALLER ID, AND BLOCK INCOMING PRIVATE CALLS, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CALL YOU BACK. PLEASE TAKE THIS BLOCK OFF YOUR PHONE! (to deactivate, dial *87) If you don’t get a call back, this is the reason in a majority of situations.

Weekend and Holiday Calls

If your child becomes ill or is injured during a weekend or a holiday, call our answering service. Please call by 9:00 AM so that we can arrange to see your child. After 12:00 Noon, limit calls to emergencies or other urgent problems that can’t wait until the next morning.